Buy & Sell Luxury Cars in Northern VA

Car Pawn Shop in Northern Virginia

If you have a car or motorcycle that you’d like to sell quickly, we can buy it or give you a loan on it. We’ll buy relatively new cars and even older models under 100,000 miles.  You can also use your car to get a collateral loan from us.

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, our motorcycle pawn shop offers a great option that will give you a fair price for your bike. We can even offer you a cash loan quickly that beats anything you can get from traditional dealerships or used motorcycle or car buyers.

While we prefer to buy and sell classic cars and specially designed cars like Ferrari, we can also buy other cars if they’re in good condition. We’ll give you a loan based on the value of your car, just as we do for other luxury items like jewelry, gold and precious metals.

Instead of putting your car in the dealer’s lot and waiting a long time for prospective buyers to show up and test your car, you can bring it to our pawn shop near Woodbridge or to any of our locations within Virginia.

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Amazing Customer Service

We put you first when you come into our store or call us to pawn your car. We let you know all the requirements you need to meet to pawn your car successfully. For instance, you need to:

  • Have a valid car title in your name
  • Complete all the payments on your car loan
  • Have no liens nor owe any government fees

Fair Appraisal and Pricing

We’re committed to giving you a good assessment of your car and its parts. We want you to enjoy the best price we can afford. After the appraisal, we’ll tell you what the car and its parts are worth and let you know what we’re likely to gain when we sell them.

We will offer a fair price for your car — however, all prices we state are negotiable and you can haggle until we both arrive at a mutually agreeable price.


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