A Pawn Shop That Buys and Sells Platinum in Northern Virginia

Welcome to the best pawn shop that buys and sells platinum in Virginia. The Vault Jewelry and Loan specializes in making customers happy. We offer amazing customer service, starting with a professional introduction and VIP treatment when you come into our store.

We put you, the customer, first in everything we do. So, you can come by with your platinum coins, bullion or jewelry and expect to get a fair deal. We also sell platinum jewelry and other items to customers when we have them in stock. You can check our eBay listing to see the latest items we’ve added to our inventory.


If you want to buy or sell platinum jewelry or coins at a fair price or you want to take out a collateral loan with your platinum item, visit The Vault Jewelry and Loan. Here are just a few factors that make us the best option in Virginia.

High-Value Luxury Items

We buy and sell platinum rings, bracelets, necklaces, coins and other items made from high-purity platinum. After appraising your items, we’ll let you know the quality and weight along with the current market price.

If you’re interested in buying luxury platinum items, call the nearest The Vault Jewelry and Loan location to you or contact us.

Privacy for All Transactions

All of our platinum loans and transactions are done in a closed system. This means no third parties will know what you buy or sell to us. There are no credit checks before loans are approved, and we don’t report your loan transactions to any financial institution.

Fair and Negotiable Prices

If you need cash urgently or you want to let go of your luxury items completely, we’re prepared to give you a good deal. We always offer you a fair price for your items, but we’re open to negotiation if you bring an item that’s in very high demand.

Exceptional Customer Service

We offer the best customer service you can get from a pawn shop in this neighborhood. We focus on you and your expectations, and we never pressure you to sell or buy anything from us.

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    If you want to sell platinum in northern Virginia, reach out to us online or come to our store. You can also check our eBay listing to see the platinum items we currently have for sale.