Best Pawn Shop to Buy a TV in Northern Virginia

Television sets are constantly evolving and new models or technologies are released frequently. This means there’s a need for people to upgrade their TV sets and enjoy the latest technology. Upgrading your TV every year can be quite expensive. Thankfully, you can get a smart TV at an affordable price from a pawn shop.

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Wondering where to buy a TV from in your area? At our tv pawn shop near you, 4k TV sets are sold at relatively low prices. We make it easy for you to buy a modern TV when you can’t afford to pay the prices offered by traditional retailers. At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, you can find a great TV for far less than retail price. Before you stop in to one of our stores to look at them, take a few moments to review the benefits of buying a TV from our pawn shop.

Low and Negotiable Television Prices

You can get a smart TV at our pawn shop for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a retail electronics store. We get our TV sets from people who want to sell them at low prices in exchange for quick cash. This allows us to pass on the cost savings to you. We’re also open to negotiating the prices we set for TVs. So, you can visit our shop with your budget in mind and still find a TV you can afford.

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All Our Televisions are in Good Working Condition

We thoroughly test each TV we buy before we put it up for sale. You can be sure that you’re going home with a product that will serve you for years to come. Also, some products are available with their original packaging and purchase documents, so you can have the pleasure of buying a used product as if it were new.

Upgradeable Smart TVs

The beauty of buying a smart TV is that it can be upgraded. While the electronic components and body parts remain the same, the apps that come with it can be easily upgraded. Your gadget will allow you to use the latest app versions when you’re connected to the internet.

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    Check Our eBay Listings or Visit Our Pawn Shop for Your TV Today

    If you’re curious how much you can save on a TV at a pawn shop, check out our eBay listings now. You can also give us a call or come to any of our store locations in Virginia to find the TV you want to buy.

    Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

    Ernie A.

    Great store. I’ve been going there for years and they’ve always treated me good. Great products service!

    Carola H

    Great customer service and affordable prices. Super happy with my purchase

    Mia I.

    My husband picked up our engagement rings from here, best day of my life. thanks route 50 for the great selection. I was very pleased

    Brad B.

    The guys were really honest and straight with me. I went to other shops in the area such as jewelry exchange of tysons and got much much worse treatment. Other places you find either stuck-up trashy people, or extremely rude cut-throats. These guys were regular, nice, and fair; explaining the process to me and how buying/selling and pawning things work. I’d recommend them to a friend.

    Michelle P.

    Never disappointed. Excellent customer service, very friendly. Very clean store. Great selections.