Pawn Shops That Carry Silver Bullion Coins in Northern VA

Buying silver bullion is a good way to build up assets that can withstand inflation. At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we offer silver bullion and high-quality silver coins that will appreciate in value. We have six store locations in Virginia where you can buy or sell silver coins, and we also update our listings frequently on eBay. Learn more about the benefits we have to offer below.

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An Assorted Collection of Silver Coins

You can find silver coins minted with high-purity silver at all our store locations. We deal in commemorative coins and coins that were previously used for financial transactions from the early 18th to the early 20th century in the U.S. The coinage designed and released during this period is among the finest minting ever done.

U.S. silver dollars are of great value to collectors and investors. At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we’re happy to help you build up your collection of valuable U.S. silver dollar coins like the Morgan and Peace Dollars and Flowing Hair.

Negotiable and Competitive Prices

We offer you fair prices on all the silver coins we sell. We work towards a win-win situation. So, we let you know what our pricing policy is and why we want to sell a coin at a particular price. We also strive to sell at prices that are difficult for our competitors to beat, which means we’re open to negotiating any price we set for a silver coin.

Outstanding Customer Service

Many wise investors who deal in precious metals love to buy their silver coins from us. They enjoy our professional customer care and VIP treatment. That’s why we spend time talking to you, discovering your needs and learning how we can meet them. We specialize in delivering amazing customer satisfaction.


We’re committed to keeping all transactions private. Whether you bring in silver coins as collateral for a loan or you want to buy them from us, we keep all transactions in a closed system. We don’t report transactions to third parties or reveal any sensitive information to financial reporting agencies.


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    If you want to buy silver coins to boost your asset portfolio, please fill out our online contact form or visit any of our stores in Virginia. You can also look at our listings on eBay to see the newest silver coins we’re offering to our customers.

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