Sell Bullion Coins for Cash at The Vault Jewelry and Loan

Selling off bullion and old rare coins can be a fast and easy way to put extra cash in your pocket. Did you know that many rare coins, especially bullion coins, can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars with some buyers? Any old coins that you have stuffed in your box of trinkets could be worth more than you think.

If you’re looking for a licensed, bonded and insured pawn shop that buys coins, get in touch with local coin dealer The Vault Jewelry and Loan. We’ll evaluate your coins thoroughly, provide a full appraisal and negotiate a fair price. Talk to us and you might be surprised by how much money you can make!

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Fair Prices for Old Coins and Bullion

Whether you’ve been collecting them to sell at a later date or you just found a coin you had stashed away that you haven’t thought about in years, you can sell bullion coins for cash at The Vault Jewelry and Loan. If you visit our shop during our business hours with the coins you want to sell, we’ll be glad to examine them and determine how much we think they’re worth.

Once we’ve made an estimate, we are happy to negotiate with you to come up with a fair price. Our flexibility makes us the top local coin dealer to visit when you have a valuable item you want to turn into quick cash.

The Benefits of Working With Us

One of the benefits of choosing us as your buyer is that we love to make our customers happy. We are committed to providing our customers with full transparency, dealing with them honestly and treating them respect. We make fair offers and take your personal needs and preferences into account because we want you to walk out of our shop satisfied with our deal.

When you work with The Vault Jewelry and Loan, every transaction will be a safe, secure and pleasant experience. We also understand that timing, paperwork and credit history can prevent many people from seeking a cash loan. With us, you can borrow cash quickly and with minimal paperwork — in other words, your transaction will be as hassle-free as possible.

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    If you have rare coins you want to sell, we can offer you a great price to take them off your hands. Come visit our shop in Virginia to make an offer or browse through our website to learn more about our products and services.