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At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, you can put your assets to work and get a fast cash loan. We understand that everybody will get into a bind or be cash-strapped at one time or another. You may need to get quick cash to meet a medical emergency, pay back credit card debt or meet an obligation when you have poor credit.

If you can’t borrow money from a bank or other traditional lenders, our pawn shop is the best option for you. We have seven pawn shops in Virginia where you can take your valuables and get a loan on the same day.

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Why Should You Get A Pawn Loan?

While you may just decide to sell your item outright for cash, pawning it has its own unique benefits. You can use your item to get a loan with a fixed interest rate for a month and use your asset as collateral. Immediately after you pay the loan off, you can take back your asset. During the 30-day period, your valuables will be kept in a locked, secure, and insured environment, mitigating any fear of loss.

What Are The Benefits Of A Collateral Loan From A Pawn Shop?

A collateral loan, which is offered from a pawn shop, allows you to borrow money based on the value of the item you are pawning. You can pawn items ranging from jewelry and electronics to coins, cars, tools, or designer bags! Because the pawn shop is holding your valuable as collateral until you pay back the loan, this type of loan offers several unique benefits compared to a traditional bank loan. With a collateral loan, you’ll be able to:

  • Get approved faster: Collateral loans are ideal if you most likely would not qualify for a traditional bank loan, such as if you don’t have enough credit history yet. If you have been denied for other loans, even due to poor credit, you can still apply and have a higher chance of securing a collateral loan. Compared to bank loans, which can take weeks, you’ll be able to receive the cash you need conveniently within minutes.
  • Have lower interest rates: Interest rates are also lower than bank loans, saving you money in the long run. Collateral loans are secure, compared to bank loans which are unsecure, so lenders are willing to offer a lower APR.
  • Have peace of mind: Because collateral loans from pawn shops are regulated by county, state, and federal laws, you can trust that you’ll be borrowing from a reputable source and working with a team of professionals.
  • Borrow more money: Because you will be securing your loan against collateral, you have the potential to borrow more money. There is less risk for your lender with a collateral loan, making it more likely for you to obtain greater buying power.
  • Raise your credit score: Obtaining a collateral loan will not have any negative effects on either your credit history or credit score because we don’t run any credit checks. However, since it is ideal for those without much of a credit history, it can help you raise your credit score. You’ll be able to easily obtain a loan and work on building a positive credit history in other areas with the money you secure.
  • Take back your assets: Once you have repaid your loan in full, you’ll be able to receive your pawned items back, without any kind of loss to you.
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Why Choose The Vault Jewelry And Loan?

You will enjoy these benefits when you obtain a pawn loan from us:

  • We pay fair prices: After assessing the current value of your asset, we’ll set the price at 50% of what we could expect to sell it for. But this price may be increased if your item is in high demand and we expect to get it sold quickly.
  • We give fast cash: As soon as you negotiate the price and we settle on an agreement, we’ll give you the cash loan. So, you can visit our store and receive your cash on the same day.
  • Items are secure: We store your items in secure vaults. We code them and add them to the inventory until you pay back your loan. All items are insured, so you have nothing to fear.
  • You receive your item back after payment: Immediately after you pay back the loan, interest and service fee, you can pick up your item. You can also renew your loan for another 30-day period if you need more time.

Immediate Loans No Matter How Much You Need

The amount of money you are offered for your collateral will depend on our appraisal and the market value of your item. One advantage of collateral loans through The Vault is there is no predetermined range for your loan — you can borrow as little as $10 or as much as $100,000.

You wouldn’t be able to get a microloan from a bank, but sometimes that’s all you need to make ends meet.

You’ll also get your money within minutes. With collateral loans, you don’t have to wait for paperwork to process or money to transfer. You walk in with your item and walk out with your cash.

How The Process Works

When you stop by one of our pawn shops with your valuables, our professionals will appraise your items and offer you a fair loan amount based on their value. This amount can vary, of course, and our professionals will always negotiate and work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable offer.

Offers Are Always Negotiable

Our appraisal experts will assess your collateral to determine your item’s value and come up with an offer for your loan. We’ll name a fair amount after considering all factors that contribute to your collateral’s current market value.

The loan amounts we offer, however, are never set in stone. Talk with our staff about your particular circumstances and we’ll work with you to negotiate a price to get you the loan amount you need.

What If You Can’t Pay in 30 Days?

The Vault offers 30-day, short-term loans based on the value of your collateral items. If you reach the end of your 30-day loan and you are unable to pay, you have a couple of options.

Option one would be to let the pawn shop know and give up your collateral item as payment. Pawn shop loans don’t have any collections or strict payment rules because your item covers the debt in the event you don’t repay your loan — we will simply sell the piece and collect the money to recover what we gave you.

If you need more time to pay back your loan but don’t want to lose your collateral, you can extend the duration of your loan contract. Just head into the shop and pay the interest amount of your loan and we will give you an additional 30 days. You can extend your loan as many times as you need to be able to reclaim your item.

We want you to have every possible chance to get your property back, so stay in touch. We understand that life is complicated, and we’ll help you out however we can.

Items We Accept as Collateral

We accept a huge range of high-end items as collateral for our loans. We pay out higher loan amounts for items that are from high-end, desirable brands or made from high-quality materials.

Some examples of items you can use as collateral include:

Any item you bring in for appraisal will be valued more highly if it is high-end, in good condition or rare. Whenever possible, items should be accompanied by original paperwork and packaging, any accessories and parts, and any certificates or documentation. Having these extra pieces could substantially increase your appraised value.

Pawn Shop Loans Using Jewelry as Collateral

One of the easiest ways to get immediate money is to use fine jewelry for collateral bank loans at The Vault. The jewelry collecting dust in your drawer can help you get a loan to make ends meet or pay an emergency bill. We accept a wide selection of jewelry as collateral, including rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches and pendants.

Our team is experienced in jewelry appraisals and will be sure to offer you premium pricing based on the specifics of your item. We offer more for high-quality materials, high-end brand-name pieces and items with the most market demand.

Precious Metals

We provide collateral loans for high-quality gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. Each item will be appraised according to its weight, purity and the current market value for the metal.

You’ll get the highest prices for solid 14-karat, 18-karat, and 24-karat gold or pure platinum. Jewelry that has been cleaned and polished will better highlight its quality and may get you a better offer.


Watches are always in demand at The Vault. We accept many different watch brands and models, with preference for features such as solid gold and Swiss quartz.

As with all of our items, you’ll get the best prices for watches that are from high-end designer brands like Breitling, Omega, and Patek Philippe. A Rolex watch can get you a pretty sizable loan if it’s in good condition.

Our experienced professional watch appraisers will carefully evaluate your watch for function and quality to ensure we can offer you the fairest price possible.


Diamond jewelry is excellent collateral for your pawn shop loan. We accept everything from diamond engagement rings and earrings to loose diamonds as collateral.

The Vault’s appraisers will assess your diamonds according to the four C’s:

  • Carat: You’ll get a bigger loan for bigger diamonds.
  • Cut: Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular style and get the highest offers. Princess cut diamonds are also popular.
  • Color: Diamonds that are graded K and above are the most valuable.
  • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity is the most important value metric. We tend to stay away from any stones with I gradings.

You’ll get the highest appraisals for diamonds that you bring in with certificates from the Gemological Institute of America. This paperwork will drive up the value of the piece and help you secure a larger loan.

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    If you have items like precious metals, a piece of jewelry, a luxury watch, a car, musical instruments, or electronic gadgets that you want to pawn or sell outright, then please give us a call today. You can also send us photos and details about the item by email, so we can give you an estimate of its value.

    Visit One Of Seven Convenient Locations To Secure Your Collateral Loan

    To make securing your collateral loan convenient and easily accessible, we have seven pawn shops located throughout Virginia. We have years of experience offering collateral loans and handling transactions both in our stores and online.

    Regardless of which location you visit, we’ll work with you to secure your loan on the same day. Take a look at our locations to find the pawn shop nearest you. We look forward to helping you get a fast collateral loan.

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