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Get Cash Fast Without a Credit Check in Northern VA

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, you can put your assets to work and get quick cash. We understand that everybody will get into a bind or be cash-strapped at one time or another. You may need to get quick cash to meet a medical emergency, pay back credit card debt or meet an obligation when you have poor credit.

If you can’t borrow money from a bank or other traditional lenders, our pawn shop is the best option for you. We have six pawn shops in Virginia where you can take your valuables and get a loan on the same day.

Why Should You Get a Pawn Loan?

While you may just decide to sell your item outright for cash, pawning it has its own unique benefits. You can use your item to get a loan with a fixed interest rate for a month and use your asset as collateral. Immediately after you pay the loan off, you can take back your asset. During the 30-day period, your valuables will be kept in a locked, secure and insured environment, mitigating any fear of loss.

Why Choose The Vault Jewelry and Loan?

You will enjoy these benefits when you obtain a pawn loan from us:

  • We pay fair prices: After assessing the current value of your asset, we’ll set the price at 50% of what we could expect to sell it for. But this price may be increased if your item is in high demand and we expect to get it sold quickly.
  • We give fast cash: As soon as you negotiate the price and we settle on an agreement, we’ll give you the cash loan. So, you can visit our store and receive your cash on the same day.
  • Items are secure: We store your items in secure vaults. We code them and add them to the inventory until you pay back your loan. All items are insured, so you have nothing to fear.
  • You receive your item back after payment: Immediately after you pay back the loan, interest and service fee, you can pick up your item. You can also renew your loan for another 30-day period if you need more time.

Get Started Today

If you have items like precious metals, a piece of jewelry, a luxury watch, a car, musical instruments or electronic gadgets that you want to pawn or sell outright, then please give us a call today. You can also send us photos and details about the item by email, so we can give you an estimate of its value.


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