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Musical Instrument Pawn Shop in Northern Virginia

If you visit a pawn shop that sells band instruments, you will find pianos, violins, flutes, drums, guitars and even electronic musical keyboards. At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we buy and sell musical instruments. So, if you need to quickly sell music instruments for cash, we can help you turn some of your old instruments into a quick loan or give you cash for selling it outright.

When you bring your instrument to our pawn shop, the amount we agree to pay for it is the amount you’ll receive as a loan. Once you’ve repaid that loan, you can take your instrument back. This process will help if you’re in a situation that means you need money fast and money isn’t readily available. If you’re just starting classes and need textbooks right away, for instance, or suddenly find a new bill on the stack that needs paid quickly, consider a pawn shop.

Get the Instruments You Need

Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy when you visit our store to sell, pawn or buy a music instrument:

Professional Appraisal for Musical Instruments

We’ll give you a fair and professional assessment of your musical instrument. We physically examine the parts of the instrument. We look carefully at the instrument’s wear-and-tear and inspect the pegs, strings and other important components. We’ll also play the instrument to detect the quality of the tone produced.

Good Prices For Guitars, Drums & More

After we complete the appraisal, we’ll consider the current price of the instrument based on its brand, model, date of manufacture and the current demand for the instrument. We will always offer you a fair price for your instruments, but we’re open negotiating the offer.

Outstanding Customer Care

Come to our store to enjoy first-class customer service. Our exceptional customer care makes us stand out among competing pawn shops. We spend time with you to understand your needs. We also ensure that you enjoy every minute you spend in our store and that you leave with a big smile on your face.

Privacy and Safety Within the Pawn Shop

We keep all transaction details out of public view. We don’t do any credit checks or credit reporting. So, your loan won’t impact your credit score. You can use your loan to take care of your immediate needs without worrying about how it will affect your credit history.


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