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The Vault Jewelry & Loan in Falls Church, VA


    Pawn Shop in Falls Church, Virginia

    The Vault Jewelry and Loan is a reliable pawn shop in Northern Virginia where you can buy, sell or pawn luxury items. Our 5511 Leesburg Pike location in Falls Church has been proudly serving the area for more than 30 years, servicing more than 240,000 loans since it opened.

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    Buy, Sell or Pawn Luxury Items On Leesburg Pike

    We have a large selection of luxury items that you can buy or sell at fair prices, including:

    • Precious metals: Gold, platinum and silver
    • Jewelry: Diamonds, watches, necklaces, chains and rings
    • Coins: Gold and silver
    • Designer handbags: Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy and other top designers
    • Cars: Classic, specially designed and other cars in good condition
    • Electronics: Laptops, TVs, phones, tablets, cameras, stereo equipment and video games
    • Musical instruments: Guitars, drums, violins, pianos and keyboards
    • Tools: Power and construction tools from top brands such as Milwaukee, DeWalt, Paslode, and Hilti

    When you buy from us, you’ll save money without sacrificing quality.

    You can also pawn your item to us. We will use it as collateral, and you can get a loan at its value with a fixed interest rate for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have the option to pay back the loan and interest and get your item back immediately or pay back just the interest and extend the loan another 30 days. During the loan period, we will keep your valuables in a secured and insured environment, so you can rest assured that they’ll be safe.

    You can also sell to us outright if you know you want to get rid of something.

    Why Choose The Vault Jewelry and Loan?

    There are many reasons to work with us, including:

    • Fair pricing: After we assess your valuable, we’ll set a competitive price. We may increase that price depending on how new the product is and how in-demand it is.
    • Fast cash: As soon as we settle on a price, we’ll give you the cash loan.
    • Guaranteed quality: We sell luxury items in top condition, so if you buy from us, you can rest assured that you’re getting exceptional products at a low price.
    • One-stop shop: At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we do everything. Whether you want to buy, sell or pawn something, we can help. We’ll appraise your item and help you find the solution you need.

    Visit our Falls Church location on Leesburg Pike or contact us for more information about our services. We look forward to working with you!

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