Pawn Shops With Professional Audio Equipment in Northern VA

You may be wondering, “Do pawn shops take speakers & audio equipment?” At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we buy, pawn and sell professional audio equipment. You can visit any of our stores in Virginia with your equipment to receive cash on the spot.

If you have an emergency, you’re in a bind, or you have poor credit, then you can use your professional sound studio equipment as collateral to get a quick cash loan. Our trained and professional associates will assess and evaluate your equipment and give you a fair deal. Before you call us or visit any of our locations in Virginia, please take a few moments to discover the benefits we offer to our clients.

A Wide Variety of Audio Equipment

We buy and sell a wide range of pawn shop stero system and audio equipment, including audio interfaces, digital audio workstations, studio monitors, headphones, microphones, digital sound mixers, speakers and amplifiers. We deal with high-quality brands, such as McIntosh, Bose, Crown, Avantone, AGK, Denon and Neumann so you know you’re getting the best audio equipment available at the best prices when you buy from us.

Safety and Security

If you come to our pawn shop to get a loan with your audio equipment, we’ll keep it in a safe and secure location until you pay back the loan. Our facilities are insured, licensed and bonded, so you can have peace of mind that your items are protected from theft or loss.


We keep all the details of our loan transactions private. We don’t do credit checks and your loan won’t be reported to a financial agency or regulatory authorities. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your credit score being impacted by doing business with us.

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Outstanding Customer Service

We treat you like a highly esteemed customer when you step into our store. We get to know you and we don’t put any pressure on you to sell anything to us. Our trained professionals will assess your equipment and determine the price based on the brand, model, year of manufacture and physical condition.

Fair Prices

Expect to get a fair price for any audio equipment you bring to our pawn shop. We usually offer at least 50% of the price we’ll receive for selling the equipment. We’re open to offering higher prices for audio equipment that’s relatively new and in high demand. We also offer higher prices when you have the original box, receipts and packaging intact.

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    To sell or pawn your audio equipment, give us a call now or visit any of our stores throughout Virginia. If you’re looking to buy audio equipment at a reduced price, then call us or check our eBay listings to see the audio equipment we have in our inventory today.

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