Pawn Electronics at The Vault Jewelry and Loan in Northern VA

Did you know that you can make extra money by selling your unused electronics at a pawn shop? Whether you need to earn a little immediate cash or you’re just looking for a convenient way to rid yourself of used electronics, The Vault Jewelry and Loan offers the perfect solution.

Selling electronics with us is an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of working electronics you no longer use, as well as a way to get back some of the money you spent on them. We’re interested in all your computers, mobile devices and other common electronics, and can offer fair prices at our licensed, bonded and insured pawn shop.

Turn Your Electronics into Cash


How to Sell Your Electronics

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we make it easy for you to get cash fast with collateral loans or by selling your item outright. If you want a collateral loan, it will be secured against your electronic item, and we’ll appraise the value of your electronics to see if it’s high enough to give you the loan you want.

The average amount of money we offer to pay for items is about 50% of what we expect to sell them for on our shelves. However, we often negotiate on prices with our customers and determine electronics’ worth on a case-by-case basis.

Once we’ve agreed on a fair price, you will have 30 days to come back and pick up the item for the amount we loaned plus interest. In most cases, we charge a fixed interest rate of 10% and a small service fee of $3.00 for all loans over $100.00, which must be made in cash. This rate is significantly cheaper than what you’d pay to close a credit card or bank loan.

If you don’t have all the money to pay the loan back in full, you’ll have the option of paying only the interest at the end of 30 days, and we will give you another 30 days to pay the loan back in full.

You can also sell outright instead of settling for a loan, which is ideal if you’ve already decided you don’t want to come back for the item. That said, if you’re sure the loan amount will be enough to meet your needs and you can easily pay back the interest and service fee, a loan will likely be the best way to go. Whether you decide to get a loan or sell your electronics outright, you can get your money fast without impacting your credit score.

If you have electronic devices you’re looking to sell, bring them to our store and we’ll provide a full appraisal. Then, we’ll offer you a fair price for the items. Even if you’re unsure how much your electronics might be worth, come and see us anyway — they might have a greater value than you think!

The Vault Jewelry and Loan Advantage

We’re among the best electronics pawn shops because we provide our sellers with a fully transparent sale or loan experience. We’re also flexible, and we’re willing to offer the fairest price on the items we buy and sell. It’s our policy to be completely forthright and transparent with you about all prices and conditions — in short, we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated.

Because we are certified, bonded and insured for all that we do, you can enjoy a stress-free experience. We want to you feel like you are receiving the best deal and that your electronic devices will be in good hands when you sell them to us.

Everything on our premises is kept in a secured and insured environment that’s monitored closely, so you can trust that your electronics will be safe with us. We keep everything under lock and key and use security cameras to make sure there are always eyes on the valuables on-site.

We’ll also get you your cash fast. As soon as we decide on a price, you’ll be paid. If you take out a loan, you can pick your item up immediately once we’ve received your payment.

If you’re thinking about pawning something but aren’t sure what the item might be worth, you can visit us in-store or email us with photos and information about it, and we will give you a free estimate of its value.


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