Where to Sell Diamonds in Virginia

When you need instant cash, one of the best things to do is pawn your assets. If you live in Virginia, The Vault Jewelry and Loan is the best diamond pawnshop where you can sell your diamonds or use them as collateral for an instant cash loan.

Diamonds are precious assets, so we treasure them as much as you do. If you choose to sell your diamonds, we’ll give you a fair price after we appraise them. And if you just want to use them as collateral for your loan, we’ll keep them safe and return them to you when you pay back your loan.

We know you have various options when you want to sell your diamonds, but we believe you can get the best deal from The Vault and Loan for these reasons.

Exceptional Customer Service

We put your needs first when you come to our store or call us on the phone. From the time you step into our store until you receive cash for your diamonds, we offer you the VIP treatment. We care about you and your expectations, and we do our best to meet them. We don’t pressure you to sell your diamonds to us, and we explain the reasons for any price we offer to you.

Professional Valuation

We use professional diamond appraisal techniques to determine the value and quality of your diamond. We check the weight, color, cut and clarity of the diamond before we name our price.

Good Prices

We offer competitive prices for diamonds and diamond rings because we know that they’re in high demand. Many people come to us to buy diamond rings at an affordable price. As long as your diamond is of high quality and the ring is in good condition, you can be assured of a good deal when you come to any of our store locations in Virginia.

Fair Negotiation

When we offer you a price, we’re open to negotiation. Our prices are competitive, but we’re also ready to negotiate with you until we reach a mutually agreeable price for your diamonds.

Dedication to Privacy

We follow well-established rules and regulations when we take your diamonds as collateral or when we buy them outright. We keep all your transactions private. It’s a closed system, which means we don’t do any credit checks or credit reporting. So, you can be assured that your loan won’t impact your credit score or credit history in any way.


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    To sell your diamonds at a good price or pawn them for a collateral loan, reach out to us online or visit us in person. You can also visit any of our store locations in Virginia or check out our eBay listings to buy diamonds at a fair price.