Pawn Shop That Buys Power Tools in Northern Virginia

If you’ve just completed a home renovation project and have power or construction tools you may not use again, consider pawning or selling them at a pawn shop that buys power tools and other construction tools. We’re discerning with what we take just like most pawn shops are, but if your construction tools are in good condition, you may earn a large amount of money by selling or pawning them.

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At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we buy top-of-the-line brands like DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita and others that are of high quality at fair prices. So, if you’re in a tough financial situation and you need to get a quick cash loan or you want to quickly earn top dollar for your power tools, then come to any of our store locations in Virginia.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when selling your power tools at our pawn shops.

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Excellent Customer Service

We focus more on giving you the best attention and care than collecting your items for money. We make every effort to know you and what your needs are. That’s why we have professional associates to attend to you and give you our first-class treatment. We also let you know whether it will be better to pawn your device or sell it outright.

Fair and Negotiable Prices

We do a thorough appraisal of the tool you bring to us before we name a price. The price we quote depends on the brand, model, appearance, working condition and the current market demand for the tool.

We usually state a price that is 50% of what we hope to earn when we sell the tool. We may offer a higher price if the power tool is clean, in its original packaging with its purchase receipt, and it’s a recently released model. After we set our price, you can go on and negotiate it. We prefer to land on a mutually acceptable price rather than impose our price on you.

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Privacy and Safety

If you pawn any of your power tools at our pawn shop, we keep all the details about the deal private. We don’t do any credit reporting or look at your credit history before giving you a loan. So, you don’t need to worry about your credit score when doing business with us. Also, your power tools will be kept safe and secure until you complete the repayment of your loan.

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    If you want to sell or pawn your power tools for a quick loan, then give us a call now. You can also visit any of our store locations in Virginia. To buy power tools at a relatively low price, check our eBay listings or call us today.

    Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

    Ernie A.

    Great store. I’ve been going there for years and they’ve always treated me good. Great products service!

    Carola H

    Great customer service and affordable prices. Super happy with my purchase

    Mia I.

    My husband picked up our engagement rings from here, best day of my life. thanks route 50 for the great selection. I was very pleased

    Brad B.

    The guys were really honest and straight with me. I went to other shops in the area such as jewelry exchange of tysons and got much much worse treatment. Other places you find either stuck-up trashy people, or extremely rude cut-throats. These guys were regular, nice, and fair; explaining the process to me and how buying/selling and pawning things work. I’d recommend them to a friend.

    Michelle P.

    Never disappointed. Excellent customer service, very friendly. Very clean store. Great selections.