Buy and Sell Gun Scopes in Northern VA

Pawn Shops That Buy Scopes in Northern VA

We buy and sell rifle scopes at our pawn shops near Woodbridge and other locations in Virginia. We offer one of the safest and most convenient ways to sell, buy or pawn firearms legally in Virginia.

You don’t need to visit a traditional gun shop when you need to buy or sell a rifle scope. The Vault Jewelry and Loan is a federally-licensed firearms dealer, so we can buy and sell arms as other gun shops do. This license allows us to ensure that we buy firearms only from those who are registered and licensed to use or sell them.

When you need cash urgently or you have a medical emergency, you can pawn your rifle scope to get a quick cash loan. You’ll also enjoy the following benefits when you choose to pawn or sell your scope at our pawn shop.

Get a Professional Appraisal

Our firearms expert will carefully examine your scope when you bring it to us. We recommend that you detach it from your rifle or gun. But if you must leave it attached to your firearm, please ensure that the gun is unloaded and inside its case.

Also, ensure that you come in with your valid government-issued ID. In order to maintain the high standard of quality we have at The Vault Jewelry and Loan, it’s important for us to know who we are buying a scope from.


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Negotiate a Fair Price

We’d love to give you a fair price. So, after we determine the value of your rifle scope, we’ll give you our price. This is usually 50% of the dollar amount for which we expect to sell it. We’re open to giving you a higher price if it’s relatively new and it’s one of the top brands like Burris, Leupold, Maven, Trijicon, Redfield, Bushnell or Nikon.

Enjoy Excellent Customer Service

We delight in delivering outstanding customer service to all our clients. So, come to any of our locations in Virginia to enjoy top-notch customer care. We always take the time to get to know you and discover exactly why you want to sell your scope. We’ll also let you know how to get the best price for it.

Benefits of Buying, Selling and Pawning Gun Scopes

Pawn shops are great for getting rid of unwanted items and making cash fast. Whether you choose to pawn, sell or purchase gun scopes, you can be sure to reap the financial benefits.


Buying items from pawn shops comes with two key consumer advantages:

  • Affordable prices:Pawn shops offer luxury items at significantly reduced rates, allowing buyers to purchase valuable pieces at more affordable prices.
  • Flexibility: Retail sellers stand firm on their prices and don’t usually allow negotiations. Pawn shops offer more flexibility by working with buyers to come up with fair prices for their goods.


When you sell your rifle scope at The Vault Jewelry and Loan, you’ll get the most value from your experience:

  • Get rid of unwanted items easily: You can try to sell your gun scope yourself, but finding a buyer could take anywhere from a few days to several months. When you sell items at a pawn shop, you eliminate the hassle of listing products and locating buyers.
  • Fair prices: If you don’t know your scope’s true value, you won’t know how much to sell it for. Pawn shops will give you an informed appraisal and offer an accurate price for your belongings.
  • Instant payout: You’ll receive your money instantaneously when you sell at pawn shops.


Pawning items is an excellent alternative to selling, allowing you to trade your belongings for a loan:

  • Your items are safe: Pawning ensures that your valuable items are in a secure place where you can retrieve them whenever you desire.
  • It won’t affect your credit score: Any missed payments or defaults on your loan will never affect your credit score, unlike bank loans.
  • Quick and easy process: Taking out a loan at a bank can take days or weeks. With pawn shops, you’ll know whether your item is accepted right away.

Why Sell to The Vault Jewelry and Loan?

The Vault Jewelry and Loan is your destination for fast and affordable luxury item sales, purchases and advances. When you sell or pawn items with us, you’ll find that our shops stand out from competitors with:

  • Fair and accurate pricing
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Knowledgeable and professional associates
  • Specialization in luxury brands
  • Small cash loans you can’t get at a bank
  • Affordable interest rates and fees
  • Free quotes and shipping
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    If you want to sell one of the top brands of rifle scopes for a fair price, please give us a call now. You can also bring your scope to any of our stores in Virginia to sell or pawn your rifle scope for quick cash.


    Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

    Ernie A.

    Great store. I’ve been going there for years and they’ve always treated me good. Great products service!

    Carola H

    Great customer service and affordable prices. Super happy with my purchase

    Mia I.

    My husband picked up our engagement rings from here, best day of my life. thanks route 50 for the great selection. I was very pleased

    Brad B.

    The guys were really honest and straight with me. I went to other shops in the area such as jewelry exchange of tysons and got much much worse treatment. Other places you find either stuck-up trashy people, or extremely rude cut-throats. These guys were regular, nice, and fair; explaining the process to me and how buying/selling and pawning things work. I’d recommend them to a friend.

    Michelle P.

    Never disappointed. Excellent customer service, very friendly. Very clean store. Great selections.