The Best Jewelry Pawn Shop In Northern Virginia

If you’re looking for the best jewelry buyers in the northern regions of Virginia, you’ve found it. The Vault Jewelry and Loan is here to give you the best deal on your jewelry. We also have some high-quality pieces made of gold, silver, platinum, diamond and precious gemstones for sale.

So, when you need jewelry at a fair price, you can check out our eBay listings or shop at any of our pawn shops in Virginia. Whatever jewelry you’re looking to buy, sell or pawn, we can likely help you out.

Here are a few things you need to know, including the main types of jewelry we deal in at The Vault Jewelry and Loan.

luxury necklaces and bracelets

Why You Should Buy Jewelry From a Pawn Shop

When you’re looking to purchase luxury jewelry, your first stop is usually a retail jewelry shop. You buy brand new jewelry with big price tags, and it loses its value as soon as you leave the store.

Why waste your hard-earned money when you could buy the same high-end jewelry from a luxury pawn shop like The Vault Jewelry and Loan?

All of the jewelry sold in our shops is evaluated and offered at fair, low prices you will never find at a retail store. Unlike brand new jewelry, the items you purchase from us are reasonably priced according to their current value and will not drop value as quickly.

Whether you’re purchasing gifts for loved ones, searching for the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring or looking to treat yourself, consider making your purchase at one of our shops.

Luxury Brands

As luxury jewelry buyers, we aim to buy and sell high-end products from well-known name brands. Luxury brand jewelry can be costly if you buy it directly from a jeweler. When you buy from us, you can get the same jewelry at a much more reasonable price.

If you’re looking for a pawn shop that sells high-end luxury jewelry from brands like Chopard, Rolex, Piaget and more, stop into one of our stores or check out our listings on eBay.

You can also bring in any luxury, high-end jewelry that you are interested in selling or pawning.

Negotiable Prices

Whether you are buying, selling or pawning, our prices are always negotiable. All of our prices are offered based on our professional assessments and evaluations as well as competition and market values.

We offer full transparency to explain the reasoning behind any of our prices. We are willing to negotiate to determine a fair price that will be mutually agreeable to both parties.

Contact Us For More Information

To find out if we can buy a piece of jewelry you want to sell, reach out to us online or visit any of our stores in Virginia today. You can also take a look at our eBay listings for the jewelry we currently have available.

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    Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

    Ernie A.

    Great store. I’ve been going there for years and they’ve always treated me good. Great products service!

    Carola H

    Great customer service and affordable prices. Super happy with my purchase

    Mia I.

    My husband picked up our engagement rings from here, best day of my life. thanks route 50 for the great selection. I was very pleased

    Brad B.

    The guys were really honest and straight with me. I went to other shops in the area such as jewelry exchange of tysons and got much much worse treatment. Other places you find either stuck-up trashy people, or extremely rude cut-throats. These guys were regular, nice, and fair; explaining the process to me and how buying/selling and pawning things work. I’d recommend them to a friend.

    Michelle P.

    Never disappointed. Excellent customer service, very friendly. Very clean store. Great selections.