The Best Jewelry Pawn Shop in Northern Virginia

If you’re looking for the best jewelry pawn shop in the northern regions of Virginia, you’ve found it. The Vault Jewelry and Loan is here to give you the best deal on your jewelry. We also have some high-quality pieces made of gold, silver, platinum, diamond and precious gemstones for sale. So, when you need jewelry at a fair price, you can check out our eBay listings or shop at any of our pawn shops in Virginia.

Here are the main types of jewelry we deal in at The Vault Jewelry and Loan.


Gold Jewelry

You can visit us with various types of gold jewelry, including necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, anklets, brooches and pendants. We buy virtually all solid gold pieces of any karat from 8k to 24k – if it’s solid gold, we’ll buy it.

On the other hand, if you want to buy gold jewelry at a price that’s lower than what you can get in any retail jewelry shops, please come over to our store. Our prices are negotiable, and we’ll ensure you get the best value for your money.

Silver Jewelry

Silver doesn’t cost as much as gold, but we still buy silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other high-purity silver pieces. We’ll appraise your jewelry professionally and determine the weight and quality of the silver before we state our price.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a high-value precious metal. So, if you have any jewelry pieces made of platinum, you can bring them to us for sale. You can also use them as collateral to get a quick cash loan. While we don’t always have a large stock of platinum jewelry, we’re ready to help you find the platinum pieces you desire.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are precious gemstones with good value. You can bring your diamonds to us when you want to sell them. We’ll check their cut, color, clarity and carat before stating our price. Rare diamonds attract higher prices. Like we do for most jewelry, we usually propose an offer for diamonds that is 50% of what we expect to get when we sell them. We accept diamonds that are set in silver or gold metal and those that are loose.

Wrist Watches

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, we buy high-end wristwatches that are in excellent working condition. You can sell your luxury brand wristwatches such as Rolex, Piaget, Omega, Bvlgari, Cartier and Chopard for cash or use them as collateral for a loan.

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To find out if we can buy a piece of jewelry you want to sell, reach out to us online or visit any of our stores in Virginia today. You can also take a look at our eBay listings for the jewelry we currently have available.

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