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A Guide to Non-Diamond Jewelry

With so many stunning gemstones available, jewelry can be beautiful even without diamonds. Our comprehensive guide explores various diamond substitutes and how […]

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Diamond Education

A tweezer holds up a diamond

Diamonds–bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style. Let’s go over all of the factors that impact diamond pricing. You have probably heard […]

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Jewelry Education

Jewelry sits on top of money

Intelligent consumers look for different opportunities to save money. Shopping online for discounts, buying things on sale when you get your groceries, […]

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Testimonials What Our Customers Are Saying

Ernie A.

Great store. I’ve been going there for years and they’ve always treated me good. Great products service!

Carola H

Great customer service and affordable prices. Super happy with my purchase

Mia I.

My husband picked up our engagement rings from here, best day of my life. thanks route 50 for the great selection. I was very pleased

Brad B.

The guys were really honest and straight with me. I went to other shops in the area such as jewelry exchange of tysons and got much much worse treatment. Other places you find either stuck-up trashy people, or extremely rude cut-throats. These guys were regular, nice, and fair; explaining the process to me and how buying/selling and pawning things work. I’d recommend them to a friend.

Michelle P.

Never disappointed. Excellent customer service, very friendly. Very clean store. Great selections.